segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009

Entrevista: Marko Mitanovski

Este joven diseñador de la Republica Serbia debuto en Paris hace poco y de pronto ya tuvo sus creacciones publicadas en importantes revistas por el mundo, me intereso mucho su trabajo, lo hize una mini entrevista que puedes leer abajo:

TT: What inspires your designs?
Marko: I was inspired with the form of renaissance costumes, actually elements of renaissance costumes, which I toyed with. I over dimensioned them and transpired collars in several ways.
I achieved volume by pleating eco leather, to honour the silhouette of the costume.
Therefore, the collection does not include an integral version of the Elizabethan costume, but his replica of the basic theme. I tried to modernise it using S&M and punk elements. In order to depict Lady Macbeth`s atmosphere better, I also designed shoes for the collection.

TT: How do you feel to be a young fashion designer suddenly known around the world?
Marko: Of course, very excited. I have to say, that is thanks to my agent Kristina Voglein, owner of the Larapixie talent agency(, who is doing promotion of my design in London, Paris,Spain and USA.
After my first collection, durring this year we had shoots for London, Paris and USA magazines and on 26th of July I'm having my fashion show at Ibiza in Pacha club.
Also, photography of my costumes will be used durring the summer as a posters/promo material for the events in Pacha club.
Thank u for your time and for being interested in writing about my design!:)have a lovely day,speak soon,

Gracias a vos Marko!